Daryn St. Pierre

Front-end Engineer / Full Stack Web Developer


As a Front-end Engineer with a design background and 18+ years of experience, I've worked in many roles with a frontend-focused discipline. I thrive as a creator, lead initiatives, and pioneer new technology to craft intuitive UX. I've helped build APIs, crafted code for various content platforms, and JavaScript frameworks, and love working in Figma.


Ads.com / Bodis

Frontend Developer, remote

June 2023 - Present

  • Work with both FE and BE developers to create and maintain a custom ad platform
  • Helped kickoff and lead initiatives in the AI and ML space
  • Created custom component library using Vue, Storybook, and Figma
  • A/B testing in the AdSense style space
  • Interviewed individuals across various tech roles within the company

Happy Cog

Sr. Frontend Developer (IC3), remote

August 2022 - March 2023

  • Lead initiatives on client projects in WordPress, Craft CMS, Vue.js, and other frameworks
  • Communicated and worked directly with clients and stakeholders
  • Built out complex GraphQL queries for a WordPress + Astro headless setup
  • Created, tested and improved Vue components for a tool that houses 10k+ products
  • Spearheaded overhaul of checkout experience for a publishing company Craft CMS website using Alpine.js and Shopify's Storefront API
  • Lead various client trainings and documentation

Yakima Chief Hops

Sr. UX/UI Developer, IT dev team, remote

May 2021 - August 2022

  • Design and implementation of greenfield products in a Vue frontend that interfaced with Azure
  • Created component library synced across Figma, Vue, and Storybook
  • Acted as SRE to simplify developer handoff and experience across our team
  • Communication with various stakeholders in sales and agricultural science realms
  • Integration and improvement of new and existing internal APIs
  • Complete overhaul of SOP and documentation space to meet high-level compliance and stakeholder needs

Kong, Inc.

Sr. Frontend Engineer, Marketing Team, remote

October 2020 - May 2021

  • Features and improvements to public-facing marketing website
  • Collaborated with stakeholders across the entire company
  • API integrations with internal/external tools
  • UI/UX and styles for various third party event platforms
  • Custom user poll framework in WordPress, Contact Form 7, and JavaScript

Kong, Inc.

Frontend Engineer, OCTO team (Office of the CTO), remote

June 2019 - October 2020

  • Build and maintain Vue UI for a greenfield service mesh tool in the cloud computing space
  • Worked almost exclusively in Vue.js
  • Build and maintain kuma.io
  • Open source contributor for product that was donated to the CNCF
  • Acted as SRE for OCTO team as needed
  • Custom shell script that enabled dev team to quickly publish docs


Web Developer / Consultant, remote

April 2019 - June 2019

  • Assisted a small list of companies with full stack projects in the WordPress and PHP space
  • Client communications and collaboration for new features and improvements

We the Collective

Contract Web Developer, remote

November 2018 - April 2019

  • Complex animations and UX in the video game sector
  • Animation work that was featured on the Nintendo homepage
  • Event and product microsites for Super Smash Bros, Pok√©mon, and Luigi's Haunted Mansion
  • Language translation integrations
  • Assisted in planning and creation of a11y features
  • Email newsletter template prep, testing, and production

Big Sea, St. Petersburg FL

Web Developer

February 2013 - November 2018

  • Front and backend development in WordPress and ExpressionEngine
  • Translation of Sketch and Photoshop assets to HTML, CSS/SASS, and PHP
  • Worked within tools like InVision for dev handoff
  • Acted as a bridge between dev and design teams
  • Creation and maintenance of base WordPress + Twig framework
  • HubSpot landing page template creation, custom-built using the HubL language
  • Took lead on documentation and standards for Sass, JavaScript, etc.
  • Standardization of pattern libraries

BB Graphics, Ocala FL

Lead Web Developer / Graphic Artist

September 2005 - February 2013

  • Client communications and consultation
  • Managed Apache server that housed 70-80 websites
  • Managed full cycle of website development from planning to launch
  • Created websites in various CMS tools, including WordPress, CMS Made Simple, and Drupal